Trumpet Audio Samples

All samples below were played by Steve Kindermann on Bill Pfund trumpets.


I have two hours in between bugle details today at the USAFA Cemetery Pavilion. It is a joy to be able to play 5 Bill Pfund horns in this meeting. By the way, "Taps" is much easier to play in inclement weather on your horn.

Blessings, Steve

Steve Kindermann

Pure joy. I went to Bill Pfund's workshop yesterday to pick out a new C trumpet. I have been playing on my Yamaha heavy wall C for 25 years — it's not a great horn, but I never wanted to spend the time and effort in a quest for the perfect instrument that I probably couldn't afford. Now I'm so glad I waited! I spent four hours winnowing a selection of 12 horns down to the one. It was tough — all of the horns were great: great intonation, great resonance, even sound from top to bottom.

Trumpet friends, the stars and moons are aligned. These could be some of the best trumpets ever made, and the prices are less than half of the professional Yamaha or Bach lines (let alone custom makers). This shouldn't surprise anyone who knows Bill Pfund. He's got great B-flats, his C cornet is amazing, and he's released his new flugelhorn, piccolo and E-flat/D. It's time to go to the Pfund Pfarm.

John Maga

During the Chestnut Brass Company rehearsal retreat in June 2013, John Charles Thomas and Bruce Barrie were able to try new trumpets being developed by Mr. William Pfund, Professor Emeritus at the University of Northern Colorado. Several Bb and C trumpets were given a trial spin as new arrangements and Music for Brass Quintet by Mr. Woo were refined for concert performances. These wonderful instruments possess an even sound quality throughout their registers, good intonation and were easy and fun to play!

Bruce Barrie

I have known Bill Pfund as a teacher, mentor and friend for 18 years. I have grown to greatly appreciate his guidance and advice. After playing 25 years in the USAF band program (and 19 years with the USAF Academy Band), I felt the need to look for horns which were easier to play. I own four of Bill's horns now — when I "let go" and trust Bill's horns, they respond beautifully. I particularly appreciate the consistency in response throughout the range of the instrument as well as the ease of playing in the upper register. Bill's horns provide a pleasing warm sound with the capacity to project with brilliance.

Steve Kinderman

In the photo, Steve is using a Bill Pfund cornet to record the Bohme Sextet for an educational video.

The Bill Pfund trumpet is the most versatile horn I've played. It slots incredibly well in all registers, has a beautiful sound, and requires less effort in the extreme range. The valves operate smooth as silk and allow for increased ease of playing fast jazz and orchestral passages. If you know Bill Pfund's passion for integrity, precision and excellence, you know how consistent and artistically these horns will play.

Mark Israel

Mark Israel performed with the USAF Academy band for 25 years as the jazz trumpet soloist with the Falconaires and Concert Band. A graduate of University of Wisconsin Green Bay and University of Northern Colorado, he was selected as a winner in the ITG Jazz Soloist Competition for two consecutive years, and he also received the Downbeat jazz vocal award.

Mark recently established Colorado Brass and Jazz LLC, which partners with colleges and public school music educators. He is sought after nationally as a soloist, clinician and adjudicator. He can be reached at brassandjazz@gmail.com